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    Mapping poverty

    WorldPop PhD adverts

    Interested in doing a PhD with WorldPop? Two new opportunities:

    Posted 09/11/2016 10:14 by Andy

    Atlas of Birth homepage

    Atlas of Birth launched

    Newly-refurbished Atlas of Birth website is now live!: www.atlasofbirth.org

    Posted 09/11/2016 10:09 by Andy

    Saudi Arabia population distribution 2015

    New Saudi Arabia datasets

    New Saudi Arabia population distribution datasets posted on the website.

    Posted 09/11/2016 10:08 by Andy

    Hurricane induced population displacements in Haiti

    Haiti displacements

    New WorldPop-Flowminder analyses on population displacements and network coverage after Hurricane Matthew posted: http://www.worldpop.org.uk/hurricane_matthew/

    Posted 09/11/2016 10:06 by Andy

    Zambia population map

    New Zambia datasets

    Newly updated WorldPop Zambia population distribution datasets available for download

    Posted 09/11/2016 10:03 by Andy

    Changes in malaria incidence through using seasonally varying denominators

    Dynamic denominators

    New paper highlights how malaria incidence metrics change if we account for changing denominators:

    Posted 09/11/2016 10:02 by Andy

    Changes in population density for two towns in Niger

    Measuring movements

    New WorldPop paper on measuring movements to improve vaccination coverage published: http://www.nature.com/articles/srep34541

    Posted 09/11/2016 10:00 by Andy

    Haiti population map 2015

    New Haiti data

    New WorldPop Haiti datasets built on IHSI 2015 estimates available for download

    Posted 09/11/2016 09:59 by Andy

    Azerbaijan population map

    Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan

    New WorldPop Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan datasets available for download.

    Posted 09/11/2016 09:58 by Andy

    healthcare utilisation maps

    Maternal and newborn healthcare utilisation mapping

    New WorldPop analyses on mapping maternal and newborn healthcare utilisation in East Africa: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0162006

    Posted 09/11/2016 09:55 by Andy

    Internal migration in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Internal migration data

    You can now download our new internal migration data for all low and middle income countries through the WorldPop site. Details at: http://www.nature.com/articles/sdata201666

    Posted 09/11/2016 09:53 by Andy

    Zika: Americas births/pregnancies data

    New WorldPop Americas births and pregnancies data are now available to download here in support of Zika virus outbreak response efforts.

    Posted 12/02/2016 15:15 by Andy

    Myanmar flooding

    New WorldPop 2015 datasets, based on 2014 census data, are now freely available to download in support of the Myanmar flooding response efforts.

    Posted 04/08/2015 09:04 by Andy

    Nepal mobility estimates

    New Flowminder.org and WorldPop population and mobility estimates for the recent Nepal earthquake available here.

    Posted 09/05/2015 16:03 by Andy

    WorldPop Nepal 2015 population count estimates per 100x100m grid square

    Nepal earthquake

    WorldPop data on estimated population distributions in Nepal in 2015 are freely available here.

    Posted 25/04/2015 13:36 by Andy


    Newly updated WorldPop datasets for the West Africa region available to support ebola outbreak control efforts through the WorldPop ebola page

    Posted 12/08/2014 12:45 by Andy

    UN State of the World's Midwifery 2014 Report

    WorldPop births and pregnancies datasets feature in a new UN report on the State of the World's Midwifery in 2014 [Link: http://unfpa.org/public/home/pid/16021]. The maps are included in the country profiles and the datasets underlie many of the analyses presented in the report. Births and pregnancy datasets can be downloaded on this site, and full details of approaches used can be found on the Methods page.

    Posted 04/06/2014 13:58 by Andy Tatum

    Example of OpenStreetMap driven improvements in population density mapping

    OpenStreetMap integration

    The new WorldPop random forest population mapping approaches (see methods page) enable the integration of multiple open data layers. The ever increasing detail and accuracy of OpenStreetMap layers for countries of the World that were previously poorly mapped is translating into improvements in population density mapping precision and accuracy - see the Vietnam example on the right.

    Posted 14/04/2014 16:43 by Andy

    New Ukraine datasets

    Due to the recent events in Ukraine, the WorldPop Project prioritised construction of population datasets for the country: http://www.worldpop.org.uk/ukraine/

    Posted 11/03/2014 15:33 by Andy

    WorldPop Google+

    The WorldPop Google+ site has been initiated.

    Posted 12/12/2013 12:34 by Andy

    WorldPop in the news

    WorldPop has been featured in recent news stories @Theconversation.com. and @Sciencedaily.com.

    Posted 02/12/2013 12:07 by Andy

    NASA project

    WorldPop links up with NASA to map Rwanda energy demand.

    Posted 17/11/2013 22:02 by Andy

    Typhoon Haiyan

    Follow these links to download the latest WorldPop datasets for The Philippines, Vietnam, and China.

    Posted 10/11/2013 19:34 by Andy

    WorldPop job opportunities

    Three WorldPop-related job opportunities at the University of Southampton are currently open and awaiting applications.

    Posted 07/11/2013 09:24 by Andy

    Administrative map of Cote d’Ivoire and distribution of cell phone towers. (http://sodexo.orange-labs.fr/GEOM_SUB_PREFECTURE.zip).

    Mobility mapping

    WorldPop data used in new Nature Scientific Reports human mobility study here.

    Posted 27/10/2013 10:13 by Andy

    Coming soon...

    Coming soon are a full range of Central and South Americas datasets, births and pregnancies distribution data for 75 countries, age-structured data for Asia, and more random forest-modelled population count and density data.

    Posted 27/10/2013 10:07 by Andy

    WorldPop launch

    The WorldPop website is now live, serving new open datasets on births, pregnancies, urban growth and poverty, as well as age-structured population distributions and new random forest modelled population maps.

    Posted 23/07/2013 10:03 by Andy

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